ASI Handout List

3D Sun – Paper Plate Art:Create 3D Sun

3D Tv Handout – Free Lesson Plan:3D TV Handout

Aesop’s Fables – Aesop’s Fables Handout

Andrà Tutto Bene – Free handout

Banner – Free Lesson Plan: Banner

Beehive Coloring Sheet – Beehive Coloring Handout

Beginner Garden Plants – Beginner Garden Plants Handout

Bent Candle Craft – National Candle Day Handout

Bird Handout – Free Lesson Plan:Bird Handout

Bird Mask – Free lesson plan: Bird Mask

Bird Nest – Paper Plate Art:Create Bird Nest

Blank Card Template – Blank Card Handout Template

Box – Free Lesson Plan: Box

Bumblebee Handout – Free Lesson Plan:Bumblebee Handout

Butterfly Life Cycle – Butterfly Life Cycle Handout

Butterfly Symmetry – Butterfly Symmetry Handout

Camille Claudel – Camille Claudel

Cartoon Practice Handouts – Set of 20 “How to Cartoon” Handouts

Caterpillar Life Cycle – Caterpillar Handout

Caramel Apple Recipe – Caramel Apple Recipe Handout

Cardinal & Pine Tree – Free handout

Career Wheel – Free Lesson Plan: Career Wheel

Castle Handout – Free Lesson Plan:Castle Handout

Celebrating 20 – Free Printable Handout: Celebrating 20

Character Building Handout

Clown Handout – Free Lesson Plan:Clown Handout

Corners – Free Lesson Plan: Corners

Cookie Ornaments – National Cookie Day Handout

Create Your Own Board Game – Create Your Own Board Game Handout

Day of the Dead – Day of the Dead Handouts

Daylight Savings Time – Daylight Savings Handout

Dove Ornaments – Free Lesson Plan: Dove Ornaments

Dragon Mask – Free lesson plan: Dragon mask

Earth Day Envelope – Free Lesson Plan: Earth Day Envelope

Easter Basket – Basket Handout

Easter Egg Handout – Free Lesson Plan:Easter Egg Handout

Easter Envelope – Free Lesson Plan: Easter Envelope

Elf – Free Lesson Plan: Elf

Eye of God Talismans(Ojo de Dios in Spanish) –How to Create Eye of God Talismans Handout

Father’s Day – Father’s Day Handout

Fireworks Handout – Fireworks Handout

Fishbowl Handout – Free Lesson Plan:Fishbowl Handout

Flying Eagle – Free Flying Eagle Printable Handout

Foam Emojis & Pipe Cleaner Friendship Bracelets – Foam Emojis and Pipe Cleaner Friendship Bracelets

Fox Mask – Free lesson plan: Fox mask

Frida Kahlo – Frida Kahlo

Frog Origami – Free handout

Gardening for Beginners – Gardening for Beginners Handout

Geometric Shapes – Free Lesson Plan: Geometric Shapes

Gingerbread Person – Free Lesson Plan: Gingerbread Person

Go Green Coloring Sheet – Free Go Green Coloring Sheet

Halloween Crafts – Halloween Craft Handouts

Halloween Crafts 2 – More Halloween Craft Handouts

Halloween Envelope – Free Lesson Plan: Halloween Envelope

Hand Print Monkey Craft – Hand Print Monkey Craft Handout

Hand Print Scarecrow – Hand Print Scarecrow Handout

Hand Washing – National Hand Washing Day Handout

Heart Message – Make a Heart Message Handout

Heart Origami – Free Lesson Plan: Heart Origami

Hieroglyphic Alphabet – Hieroglyphs

Holiday Thank You Cards

Holiday Ornaments – Free Lesson Plan: Holiday Ornament

Holly Card – Free Lesson Plan: Holly Card

Horseshoe Crab – Free Horseshoe Crab Printable Handout

House Handout – Free Lesson Plan:House Handout

House Plant Tips – Taking Care of House Plants Handout

How to Create a 3D Frog and Lilly Pad – How to Create a 3D Frog and Lilly Pad Handout

How to Create a 3D Paper Flowers – How to Create a 3D Paper Flowers Handout

How to Create a 3D Paper Vase of Flowers – How to Create a 3D Paper Vase of Flowers Handout

How to Create a 3D Spaceship – How a Create a 3D Spaceship Handout

How to Create a Paper Star and Determine It’s Temperature – How to Create a Paper Star and Determine It’s Temperature Handout

How to Create Paper Wings – How to Create Paper Wings Handout

How to Draw a Bicycle – How to Draw a Bicycle Handout

How to Draw a Cat – How to Draw a Cat Handout

How to Draw a Tree – Tree Tutorial Handout

How to Make a 3D Chinese Lantern – How to Make a 3D Chinese Lantern Handout

How to Make a Circle Book – How to Make a Circle Book Handout

How to Make a Fish Stencil – How to Make a Fish Stencil Handout

How to Make a Paper Bag Tree – How to Make a Paper Bag Tree Handout

How to Make a Paper Puppet – How to Make a Paper Puppet Handout

How to Make a Paper Theatre Stage – How to Make a Paper Theatre Stage Handout

How to Make an Origami Butterfly – How to Make an Origami Butterfly Handout

How to Make an Origami “No-Glue” Book – How to Make an Origami “No-Glue” Book Handout

Hummingbird – Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Handout

Ice Cream Cone  & Cupcake Art – Free Ice Cream Cone and Cupcake Art Template

John Coltrane – Free Handout

Julia Buffalohead – Julia Buffalohead

Juneteenth – Juneteenth Handouts

Kite – Free Lesson Plan: Kite

Lace – Free Lesson Plan: Lace

Laurel Burch – Laurel Burch

Leaf Print Tutorial – Leaf Print Handout

Lorna Simpson – Abstract Hair Like Lorna Simpson

Make Your Own Books – Make Your Own Books Handout

Marian Anderson – Free handout

Mary Blair – Mary Blair

Mary Cassatt – Mary Cassatt

Mask Making – Paper Plate Art: Making a Mask

MaVynee Betsch – MaVynee Betsch Handout

Minnie Evans Handout – Minnie Evans

Moccasin – Free Moccasin Printable Handout

Message Bubbles Handout – Free Printable Handouts: Message Bubbles

Monkey Coral – Free Lesson Plan: Monkey Coral

Moon Rabbit – Moon Rabbit Handout

Mother’s Day Envelope – Free Lesson Plan: Mother’s Day Envelope

Mouse Finger Puppet – Finger Puppet Mice Handout

Musical Bottles – Make your own Musical Bottles

Musical Instruments – Free handout series

Musical Families – What Musical Family Handout

Musical Scale Handouts – Musical Scale Sign Handouts

Nampeyo’s Pots – Nampeyo’s Pot Handouts

No-Bake Whipped Pie Recipe

Origami Bird Hand Puppet – Free lesson plan: Origami Bird Hand Puppet

Paper Ladybug Craft – Paper Ladybug Craft Handout

Paper Octopus – Paper Octopus Handout

Pasta Portrait – Pasta People Handout

Penguins – Free Lesson Plan: Penguins

Pennsylvania Pine Cones – Pine Cone Handout

Pennsylvania Trees – Pennsylvania Trees Handout

Pinecone Turkey – Free Lesson Plan: Pinecone Turkey

Pizza and Fruit/Vegetable Tray Collages – Create Paper Pizza and Fruit and Vegetable Tray Collages

Plant Based Iron Sources – Plant Based Iron Sources Coloring Handout

Plant Based Vitamin C Sources – Plant Based Vitamin C Sources Coloring Handout

President’s Day – Free Presidents’ Day Project Template

Pride Month – Pride Month Handouts

Pond – Free Pond Template

Popsicle Stick Turtle – Popsicle Stick Turtle Craft Handout

Postage Stamp – Free Postage Stamp Handout

Post Card – Free Lesson Plan: Post Card

Post Card Handout – Post Card Handout

Precious Gemstones – Free handout

Questlove – Free handout

Rabbit Handout – Free Lesson Plan:Rabbit Handout

Rabbit Mask – Free lesson plan: Rabbit mask

Rainbow Of Me – Free Lesson Plan: Rainbow of Me!

Recycling Handouts – Recycling Handouts

Reptile Handout – Reptile vs. Amphibians Handout

Rocket Ship Symmetry Handout – Rocket Ship Symmetry Cutouts

Scare Crow – Free Lesson Plan: ScareCrow

Shopping Bag – Free Lesson Plan: Shopping Bag

Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Free handout

Skeleton Cut Out – Halloween Skeleton Cut Out

Snow Globe – Free Lesson Plan: Snow Globe

Snowman – Free Lesson Plan: Snowman

St.Patrick’s Day Envelope – Free Lesson Plan: ST. Patrick’s Day Envelope

Succulents for Beginners – Succulents Handout

Suitcase Handout – Free Lesson Plan:Suitcase Handout

Squirrel Handout – Free Lesson Plan:Squirrel Handout

Tabletop Conversation – Tabletop Conversation Handout

Teacup Drawing Tutorial – National Tea Day Handout

Thanksgiving Cornucopia – Free handout

Thanksgiving Leaf Handouts – Thanksgiving Leaf Handouts

The Color Wheel – Free Lesson Plan: The Color Wheel

Travel Handouts – Travel Handouts

Tray Collages – Paper Plate Art:Create Pizza, Fruit & Vegetable Collages

Treasure Chest – Treasure Chest Template and Project Lesson Plan

Trick or Treating Scavenger Hunt – Trick or Treating Scavenger Hunt Handout

Underground Homes – Free Lesson Plan:Underground Homes Handout

Vase Symmetry – Vase Handout

View From My Window – Free Lesson Plan: View from My Window

White Cane Safety Day – White Cane Safety Day Handouts

World Hindu Envelope – Free Lesson Plan: World Hindu Day Envelope

African American Artists

African American Environmentalists

African American Musician Handouts

Beauford Delaney – Beauford Delaney Handout

Elizabeth Catlett – Elizabeth Catlett Handout

Jacob Lawrence – Jacob Lawrence Handout


Almond Day – National Almond Day Handout

Bacon Day – National Bacon Day Handout

Braille Day – World Braille Day Handout

Cereal Day – National Cereal Day Handout

Chocolate Covered Cherry Day – Chocolate Covered Cherry Day Handout

Chocolate Fondue Day – National Chocolate Fondue Day

Christmas Lights Day – Christmas Lights Handout

Christmas Movie Marathon Day – National Christmas Movie Marathon Day Handout

Cook for Your Pets Day – National Cook for Your Pets Day Handout

Cookie Exchange Day – National Cookie Exchange Day Handout

Crossword Puzzle Day – National Crossword Puzzle Day Handout

Dog Biscuit Day –National Dog Biscuit Day Handout

Earth’s Rotation Day – Earth’s Rotation Day Handout

French Bread Day – National French Bread Day Handout

French Language Day – National French Language Day Handout

Gingerbread House Day – National Gingerbread House Day

Golden Retriever Day – National Golden Retriever Day

Hanukkah Crafts – Hanukkah Craft Handouts

Hugging Day – National Hugging Day Handout

Irish Heritage Month – Irish Heritage Month Handout

K9 Veteran Day – National K9 Veterans Day Handout

Llama Day – National Llama Day Handout

Logic Day – World Logic Day Handout

Mario Day – Mario Day Handout

Meatball Day – National Meatball Day Handout

Mountain Day – National Mountain Day Handout

Muffin Day – National Muffin Day Handout

New Year’s – New Year’s Handouts

Pancake Day – National Pancake Day Handout

Peanut Butter Lover’s Day – National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day Handout

Penguin Day – National Penguin Day Handout

Pi Day – National Pi Day Handout

Protein Day – National Protein Day Handout

Technology Day – National Technology Day

Ugly Sweater Day – National Ugly Sweater Day Handout

Wikipedia Day – National Wikipedia Day Handout

World Water Day – World Water Day

Literacy Through Art

Advent Calendar

Bingo Activity Examples

Blank Bingo Template

Comic Strip Template

Father’s Day Card and Coupons

Filled Bingo Sheet

Heiroglyphs Handout

Wanted Poster

52 Reasons Why You Love Someone – 52 Reasons Why I Love You Template

Government Handouts

Electoral College and Presidential Jobs – Voting Handouts

Three Branches of Government – Three Branches of Government Handouts

Vice President – Vice President Handout

Number Handouts

Count to 0 with boxes 

Count to 1 and 2 with Autumn Leaves 

Count to 3 and 4 with Autumn Leaves

Count to 5 and 6 with Autumn Leaves

Count to 7 and 8 with Autumn Leaves

Count to 9 and 10 with Autumn Leaves 

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