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3D Chinese Lantern Handout

3D Frog and Lily Pad Handout

3D Paper Flower Handout

3D Spaceship Handout

3D Paper Vase of Flowers Handout

3D TV Handout

3D Vase and Coloring Handouts

4/4 Time Signature Handout

52 Reasons Why I Love You Template

A Checklist for Entrepreneurs

A Walk Around Your Neighborhood

Abstract Hair Like Lorna Simpson Handout

Activist Catherine Troeh Handout

Advent Calendar Handout

Aesop’s Fables Handouts

African American Environmentalist Handouts

African American Musician Handouts

Andrà Tutto Bene Handout

Arbor Day Envelope

Are you getting ready for a new job?

Are You Prepared for College?

Arm Positions Handout

Attic Program Coloring Book Cover

Banner Handout

Bead Mazes Handout

Beauford Delaney Handout

Bare Necessities Sing Along Handout

Beehive Coloring Handout

Beginner Garden Plants Handout

Betty Osceola Handout

Biology Basics for All Ages

Bingo Activities Handout

Bingo Template Handout

Bird Handout

Bird Mask Handout

Birth of Folk Music Handout

Birth of Pop Handout

Blank Card Template Handout

Blooms Taxonomy Handout

Bumblebee Handout

Butterfly Handout

Butterfly Life Cycle Handout

Butterfly Symmetry Handout

Camille Claudel Handout

Car Making Handout

Caramel Apple Recipe Handout

Career Wheel Handout

Castle Handout

Cat Coloring Handout

Caterpillar Life Cycle Handout

Celebrating 20 Handout

Cells, Cells, Cells!

Center Stretches Handout

Cha-Cha Handout

Chang’e The Chinese Moon Goddess Handout

Character Building Handout

Chavela Vargas Handouts

Cherry Blossom Comic Handout

Chick and Egg Shell Handout

Circle Book Handout

Clown Handout

Color Wheel Handout

Comic Strip Template Handout

Corners Handout

Count to 1 & 2 with Autumn Leaves

Count to 3 & 4 with Autumn Leaves

Count to 5 & 6 with Autumn Leaves

Count to 7 & 8 with Autumn Leaves

Count to 9 & 10 with Autumn Leaves

Craft Handout for Fall

Create a Box Handout

Create Your Own Board Game Handout

Create Your Own Creature Handout

Create Your Own Habitat Handout

Create Your Own Plate of Vegetables Handout

Create Your Own Trees Handout

Day of the Dead Handouts

Daylight Savings Time Handout

Design Your Own Weather Handout

Doctor’s Visit Handout

Dotted Painting/Drawing Handout

Dove Ornaments Handout

Dragon Mask Handout

Draw Renewable Energy Handout

Draw Wetland Wildlife Handout

Drum Kit Diagram Handout

Earth Day Envelope Handout

Easter Basket Handout

Easter Egg Handouts

Easter Envelope Handout

Elf Handout

Elizabeth Catlett Handout

Elves’ House Handout

Eye of God Talismans Handout

Family Finger Puppet Handout

Father’s Day Handout

Father’s Day Card and Coupons Handout

Faux Buffalo Hide Art Handout

Filled Bingo Sheet Handout

Fireworks Handout

Fishbowl Handout

Fishing Rod Handout

Fish Stencil Handout

Flying Eagle Handout

Foam Emojis and Pipe Cleaner Friendship Bracelets

Fondu and Coupes Handout

For My Project I . . .

Fox Mask Handout

Free Comic Book Day Handout

Frequently Used Korean Words and Phrases Handout

Frida Kahlo Handout

Frog Origami Handout

Frosty the Snowman Handout

Fruit Handout

Gardening for Beginners Handouts

Geometric Shapes Handout

Getting to Know Our Youth Handout

Getting to Know rond de Jambe Handout

Gift Box Handout

Gingerbread Person Handout

Goblet Drum Handout

Go Green Coloring Handout

Grand Battlemants Handout

Guitar Handout

Guitar Fretboard Handout

Halloween Card and Envelope Handout

Halloween Craft Handouts

More Halloween Craft Handouts

Halloween Envelope Handout

Halloween Skeleton Cut Out Handout

Halloween Witch & Frankenstein Handouts

Hanbok (한복) Bookmarks Handout

Handprint Monkey Craft Handout

Handprint Scarecrow Handout

Heart Message Handout

Highs and Lows with the Oboe

Hip Hop Play-Along/Rap-Along Handout

History of Rock 1966-1985 Handout

History of Rock 1986-2000 Handout

History of Rock 2000-2010 Handout

History of Rock 2010-Now Handout

History of Rock Early 20th Century 1965

Holiday Thank You Card Handouts

Holiday Ornament Handout

Holly Card Handout

Horseshoe Crab Handout

House Handouts

How to Draw a Bicycle Handout

How to Draw a Bobcat Handout

How to Draw a Cat Handout

How to Draw a Cougar Handout

How to Draw a Dragon Handout

How to Draw a Falcon Handout

How to Draw a Griffin Handout

How to Draw a Hawk Handout

How to Draw a Mouse Handout

How to Draw a Panther Handout

How to Draw a Pitbull Handout

How to Draw a Puma Handout

How to Draw a Ram Handout

How to Draw a Tree Handout

How to Draw a Treble Clef

How to Gather References Handout

How to Job Search

How to Network

How to Prepare for an Interview

How to Prepare of a New Job Checklist

I am an Entrepreneur

I Heart Art Handouts

Ice Cream Cone and Cupcake Art Handout

Improvisation for Beginners Handout

Improvisation with the Drone Handout

Indigenous Great Warriors Handout

Indigenous Paper Flute Craft Handout

Jacob Lawrence Handout

Japanese Screen Handout

Jar Handout

John Coltrane Handout

Julia Buffalohead Handout

Juneteenth Handouts

Keystone Handouts

Kite Handout

Korean Consonants and Vowels Handout

Korean Double Consonants and Vowels Handout

Korean Money Handout

Kusudama Origami Flower Ball Handout

Lace Handout

Laetitia Ky Handout

Landscape Coloring Sheet Handout

Laurel Burch Handout

Leaf Print Handout

Learn About Colors Handout

Leg Positions Handout

LGBTQ+ Pride Month Handout

Lyla the Dancer Handout

Make Your Own Bebop Song

Make Your Own Books Handout

Marian Anderson Handout

Mary Blair: Walt Disney’s Favorite Artist

Mary Cassatt Handout

Masks Made Simple Handout

MaVynee Betsch Handout

Message Bubbles Handout

Mickalene Thomas Handout

Middle Eastern Rhythms Handouts

Minnie Evans Handout

Moccasin Handout

Molecules of Life

Monkey Coral Handout

Mother’s Day Envelope Handout

Mouse Finger Puppet Handout

Musical Bottles Handout

Musical Family Handout

Musical Heartbeat Handout

Musical Instrument Handout Sheets

Musical Scale Sign Handouts

Nampeyo Pots Handout

No-Bake Whipped Pie Recipe Handout

North Indian Percussion: Tintal Handout

Note Values and Dynamic Signs Handout

Origami Bird Hand Puppet Handout

Origami Book Handout

Origami Butterfly Handout

Origami Heart Handouts

Packing List Coloring Handout

Paint Your Own Picasso

Paper Bag Tree Handout

Paper Crown Handout

Paper Flower Bouquet Handout

Paper Ladybug Craft Handout

Paper Octopus Handout

Paper Pizza and Fruit and Vegetable Tray Collages Handout

Paper Plate 3D Sun Handout

Paper Plate Bird’s Nest Handout

Paper Plate Mask Handout

Paper Puppet Handout

Paper Star Handout

Paper Suitcase Handout

Paper Theatre Stage Handout

Paper Wings Handout

Parts of The Body Handouts

Parts of The Face Handouts

Passe, Enveloppe, and Developpe Handout

Pasta People Craft Handout

Penguins Handout

Pennsylvania Leaves Handout

Peter and The Wolf: Lesson and Activity

Piano Keyboard Handout

Pile Handout

Pine Cone Handout

Pinecone Turkey Handout

Plant Based Iron Sources Coloring Handout

Plant Based Vitamin C Sources Coloring Handout

Precious Gemstones Handout

Presidents’ Day Project Handout

Pride Month Handouts

Pond Template Handout

Popsicle Stick Turtle Craft Handout

Postage Stamp Handout

Postcard Handout

Purr-fect Halloween Cat Craft Handout

Questlove Handout

Quilling Handout

Quilt Lesson Plan Handout

Rabbit Handout

Moon Rabbit Handout

Rabbit Mask Handout

Rainbow of Me Handout

Recycled Musical Instruments Art

Recycling Handouts


Reptile vs. Amphibians Handout

Rivers Solomon on Inspired Writing Handout

Robam Sovann Macha Handout

Robam Tep Monorom Handout

Rocket Ship Symmetry Handout

Roll-A-Story Handout

Rolled Paper Wall Art Handout

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Handouts

Safe Fish Crossword Handout

Scarecrow Handout

Self-Care Box Handouts

Set of 20 Cartoon Practice Handouts

Shopping Bag Handout

Silhouette City Collage Handouts

Sister Rosetta Tharpe Handout

Snow Globe Handouts

Snowman Handout

Stair Handout

St. Patrick’s Card Handout

St. Patrick’s Day Handouts

St. Patrick’s Day Envelope Handouts

Succulent Plants Handout

Suitcase Handout

Sunset and Northern Lights Handout

Surrealism Handout

Squirrel Handout

Tabletop Conversation Handout

Taking Care of House Plants Handout

Tendu & Jete Handout

Terracotta Warriors Handout

The Neang Handout

The Water Cycle Handout

Three Branches of Government Handouts

To Do or Not To Do Handouts

Translated Lyrics From Ready to Love Handout

Travel Handouts

Treasure Chest Template and Project Lesson Plan

Trick or Treating Scavenger Hunt Handout

Un Paseo Por Tu Vecindario

Underground Homes Handout

Using LinkedIN to Network

Using Visual Symbols to Write Music

Vegetable Handout

Vice President Handout

View from My Window Handout

Violin Handout

Vote by Mail Handout

Voting Handouts

Wanted Poster Handout

Warm-up Checklist Handout

Water Filtration Experiment Handout

“Welcome” Around The World Handout

Welcome Coloring Handouts in Hebrew Arabic and Hindi Handout

What About Water?

What to Bring to a Networking Event

What to Say at a Networking Event 

White Cane Safety Day Handouts 

When You’re Done

Winter Cardinal Coloring Handout

World Hindu Day Envelope Handout

Write in Hieroglyphs Handout

Yeak Handout

You’re Welcome Handout

Holiday handouts

Almond Day Handout

Arbor Day Handout

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month Handout

Bacon Day Handout

Bastille Day Handout

Batman Day Handout

Better Breakfast Month Handout

Braille Day Handout

Candle Day Craft Handout

Cereal Day Handout

Chocolate Chip Day Handout

Chocolate Covered Cherry Day Handout

Chocolate Fondue Day Handout


Christmas Eve

Christmas Lights Day Handout

Christmas Movie Marathon Day Handout

Cookie Day Handout

Cookie Exchange Day Handout

Cook for Your Pets Day Handouts

Crossword Puzzle Day Handout

Dog Biscuit Day Handout

Eagle Feathers and Wings Handout

Earth’s Rotation Day Handout

Father’s Day Handout

Flag Day Handout

Flight Attendants Safety Professionals Day Handout

French Bread Day Handout

French Language Day Handout

Gingerbread House Day Handout

Golden Retriever Day Handout

Hand Washing Day Handout

Hanukkah Craft Handouts

Hugging Day Handout

Independence Day

International Animal Rights Day

International Assistance Dog Week Handout

International Cat Day Handout

International Civil Aviation Day

International Dance Day Handout

International Day of Charity Handout

International Day of Friendship Handout

International Day of The Seafarer Handout

International Joke Day Handout

International Lefthanders Day

International Sudoku Day

Irish Heritage Month Handout

K9 Veterans Day Handout

Kwanzaa Groundnut Stew

Kwanza Quiz

Kwanzaa Word Search

Llama Day Handout

Logic Day Handout

Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day 

Mario Day Handout

Meatball Day Handout

Muffin Day Handout

National Aunt and Uncle Day Handouts

National Bake Cookies Day

National Beach Day Handouts

National Best Friends Day Handouts

National Black Cat Appreciation Day Handout

National Blueberry Day Handouts

National Brownie Day

National Camera Day

National Candle Lighting Day

National Canoe Day

National Cheeseburger Day

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

National Chocolate Milk Day

National Christmas Lights Day

National Cookie Day

National Cookie Exchange Day

National Cousins Day

National Creme Brûlée Day

National Different Colored Eyes Day

National Donald Duck Day

National Eat Your Vegetables Day Handouts

National Egg Month Handouts

National Empanada Day Handout

National Financial Awareness Day Handout

National French Fry Day Handout

National Fried Chicken Day Handout

National Fried Corn Fritter Day Handout

National Friendship Day Handout

National Fritters Day

National Fudge Day Handout

National Give Something Away Day Handout

National Gorgeous Grandma Day Handout

National Hairstylist Appreciation Day Handout

National Hammock Day Handout

National Honey Month Handout

National Hot Fudge Sundae Day Handout

National Iced Tea Day Handout

National Junk Food Day Handout

National Kitten Day Handout

National Lasagna Day

National Lazy Day

National Lemonade Day

National Lemon Juice Day

National Librarians Day Handout

National Lighthouse Day

National Loving Day

National Milk Chocolate Day

National Middle Child Day

National Moon Day

National/International Mountain Day

National Maple Syrup Day

National Oatmeal Muffin Day

National Onion Ring Day Handout

National Peanut Day Handout

National Pie Day Handout

National Pink Day Handout

National Pralines Day Handout

National Pretzel Day Handout

National Relaxation Day Handout

National Selfie Day Handout

National Sewing Machine Day Handout

National Siblings Day Handout

National Skyscraper Day Handout

National Social Media Day Handout

National Sponge Cake Day Handout

National Still Need To Do Day

National Starbucks Day Handout

National Strawberry Sundae Day Handout

National Sugar Cookie Day Handout

National Sunglasses Day Handout

National Sushi Day Handout

National Tooth Fairy Day Handout

National Waffle Day Handout

National Watermelon Day Handout

National Women’s Equality Day Handout

National Workaholics Day Handout

New Year’s Handouts

Pancake Day Handout

Peanut Butter Lover’s Day Handout

Penguin Day Handout

Pi Day Handout

Protein Day Handout

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree Handout

Spider-Man Day

Tau Day Handout

Tea Day Handout

Technology Day Handout

Thanksgiving Card & Envelope Handout

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Handout

Thanksgiving Leaf Craft Handouts

Towel Day Handout

Ugly Sweater Day Handout

U.S. Coast Guard Birthday Handout

Wikipedia Day Handout

World Bicycle Day Handout

World Candle Month Handout

World Coconut Day Handout

World Emoji Day Handout

World Health Day Handout

World Migratory Bird Day

World Population Day Handout

World UFO Day Handout

World Water Day Handout

Work Like A Dog Day Handout