Minnie Evans: A Famous African American Artist

Minnie Evans was an African American artist alive from 1892-1987. Her paintings and drawings surround a face with colorful plants and spirals drawn with wax or crayons that represent dreams and hallucinations she had as a child that would also come to her during the day. 

Use crayons to color in one of Minnie Evans’ artworks below and draw one of your own dreams on the back of the handout! 

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  • Minnie Evans handout (linked below)
  • crayons


  1. Check out some of Minnie Evans’ artwork here
  2. Color in the handout using crayons. Minnie Evans used very vibrant colors, so make sure you do the same! 
  3. On the back of the handout, draw one of your own dreams! Are they as colorful and fantastical as the dreams Minnie Evans had as a child?