Expressionism – An Art Form That Provides Perspective

Coming from Germany in the early 1900’s, Expressionism was best known for drawing or painting something with a single perspective or view. These paintings would be very distorted (not normal, strange) to show whatever emotion the artist wanted 

At home, you are going to pick a person, place, or thing that you feel either good or bad about. Then, you are going to color or paint the way you feel about it. If you like it, then use calming, light colors and smooth lines. If you don’t like it, then use harsh, dark colors and jagged lines. This project is all about expression, so don’t be afraid to let your artistic and emotional side out to shine. 

Learn new vocabulary: Expression, Color Palette, Brush Strokes 

Tool Kit: crayons, markers, or paint (whichever you want), a computer or phone (to see examples), paper to create your artwork on, and the Doctors Visit handout for those who want a more structured assignment.


Step 1 Look online for different Expressionist paintings and artists. (Several will be shown in the included video).  

Step 2Think about how those artists show their emotions. What colors do they use? How do they draw or paint their art? Are the lines smooth and connected or jagged and harsh? 

Step 3 Pick a place or thing that you either like or don’t like, and draw/paint it the way that you feel. For those who want a more defined assignment, the Doctors Visit PDF Handout is available. 

Group Activity: Show off your artwork to your friends and family. Try and inspire them to be artists of their own!

Extend Your Journey: Think about why you feel good or bad towards the place or thing that you drew. If you have a bad view of it, is there a way to make it positive? Feel free to create more Expressionist art or any art that you please. Skill comes with practice!