3D Chinese Lantern Handout

In ancient China, these lanterns were used as a light source and then over time, Buddhists would use it as an aspect of worship. Fast forwarding to the modern day, it is to symbolize worship and celebration and is used for decorations. The hanging lanterns you will make below are used to decorate homes and public places, especially during the festive seasons like Chinese New Year.  Use this handout to make and hang your own Chinese lantern!


One 8 ½ x11 rectangular sheet of red construction paper, stapler, scissors, yarn and hole puncher (or alternatively pipe cleaner or a narrow strip of paper for handle)

Step 1

Fold the rectangular sheet of red construction paper.

Step 2

Starting from the folded side, cut horizontal lines approximately 1 inch apart and leaving approximately 2 inches from the end.

Step 3

Unfold and bring uncut edged together to form a tube. Make sure fold is bending outward. Staple at formed circles on either end to hold together.

Step 4

On top end,  use hole puncher and make two holes opposite each other and string yarn through and knot ends or alternatively twist a pipe cleaner through holes or staple narrow strip of paper for handle.