The goals of Art Sphere Inc.’s curriculum is to challenge and mentor students from diverse backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to exceed expectations and find academic success.

Want a fun project to do alone or with your friends as a group or with your parents or caregivers? Check out one of our Curriculum below. Just click on the title and you will enter a world of music, art, dance, animals and even math!

Art History

Art Basics

Literacy Through Art

Math Through Art

Music Programs

Mindfulness & Health


Music History

Translated Art Projects

Indigenous Culture

Sensory Learning

Financial Literacy

WiFi Icon

Online Safety Tips

Mascot Animals

U.S. Government

Holidays from Around the World

Nature Appreciation

Theatre and Dance


Financial Literacy

Sensory Learning

How do you like to learn? Would you rather read the directions, or have them read to you? Do you learn better with music on or off?  Would you rather dance or sit still? Our Curriculum will help you learn in the best way that works for you!

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