Not everyone learns the same way. Some people are more visual, some more musical, some more mathematical. Our “Trail Maps” include symbols depicted in a “road sign” next to each thematic unit and indicate the different learning styles to be found in each project. By pointing out the different ways that a project can be approached, parents and teachers can guide their children to their individual paths to artistic success and ways to express their unique creative voices. The different learning styles and the symbols used to represent them in these lesson plans include: 

If you are interested in one or more of the below online lesson plan units click on the link and it will redirect you to the thematic lesson plans and handouts.

Art History

Art Basics

Holidays from Around the World

Literacy Through Art

Mascot Animals

Math Through Art

Mindfulness & Health

Music Programs


Music History

Nature Appreciation

Online Safety Tips

Theatre and Dance

Translated Art Projects

U.S. Government

Indigenous Culture

The goals of Art Sphere Inc.’s curriculum is to challenge and mentor students from diverse backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to exceed expectations and find academic success.

By embracing the strengths of the youth and their community, we seek to build safe and rich learning environments with an emphasis on the creative use of local resources. Our site-specific art workshops make any space a living classroom where students gain confidence in their worth.

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