Site Locations

Join us in using art to honor neighborhoods!

We call attention to their worthy aspects and motivate community members to maintain these areas as special places. Several of our ASI Public Art, Cleanup and Mural Projects have been ongoing projects. We’ve been working at Fishtown Recreation Center and Playground since 2005!

Volunteers can join us as we continue to facilitate mural painting, stencil painting, sweeping, raking, and picking up trash to make the playground a better place for kids. If you are interested in volunteering at any of our site locations, please visit our volunteer page and contact us for more information.

Disclaimer: Some of our projects at these sites are on hiatus due to the pandemic. We hope to resume on-site classes at more of these locations once post-Covid conditions allow. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding participation in our projects post-Covid.


Please prepare groups to sign in.  If volunteers can arrive on time that is preferred for a quick 10 minute orientation. As we get closer to date please let us know how many volunteers to expect. We will do our best to get snack donations.

We ask groups to consider making a donation for each participant (our suggested amount is $25.00 per person, but any amount is appreciated) to help us continue our programming for low-income youth. This donation covers our supplies and outreach activities.

For mural projects, if groups are unable to provide financial support, then please bring one gallon of water-based paint per group of ten volunteers to help maintain ongoing cleanup events. We also welcome art materials such as: colored pencils, markers, glue sticks , construction paper and scissors. We really appreciate whatever you deem appropriate to keep up these programs, welcome your help and are grateful for whatever you are willing to give.