Collaborative Public Murals

collaborative public murals are a proven effective and flexible way We motivate groups of students to learn visual art techniques.

Through the process, they explore educational themes and become empowered participants by learning to physically impact their community environment.

Students explore how to collectively negotiate decisions related to content and artistic form, develop strategies to visually present their collaborative ideas, and cooperate in a manner while creating a large-scale project.

Often we also have community paint days open to local neighbors and greater community to join us. At these events we often welcome individual volunteers who can share their skills to help Art Sphere reach out to underserved children through art or groups who want to spend a few hours with us to help transform communities by revitalizing public spaces. It’s fun, easy and a great way to participate in our programs!

“The need to achieve consensus amongst the diverse opinions of the community was a key element in the design symbolized by the bridge. This resulted in both a physical mural and a new outlook in the community embracing pride and creative spirit.” – muralist, Kristin Groenveld