Pipe Cleaner Friendship Bracelets Lesson Plan


Use emojis to represent how students feel and as an icebreaker activity. 

Recommended Ages

Elementary schoolers


Handout (linked below)


Self-Stick Foam

Pen or Pencil

Construction Paper


Pipe Cleaners


1. Have students cut over sized foam emojis referring to the handout. 

2. After they made their emojis, have each student tell a story about their weekend. 

When the story was sad, we raised the sad emojis and when the student said something good, we raised the happy emoji. 

In this way, students were able to use their creativity to practice good listening, show compassion, and validate one another. This activity really helped us bond as a class!

3. Have students work on other art projects that allow them to work as a team.

Some students used the foam to make garden scenes collages on blue construction paper cutting and gluing green construction paper fringe for grass. 

Other students wove and braided friendship bracelets out of pipe cleaners with one person holding the end while the other braiding as they worked in teams. 

Students also made name reflection art outlining in various colors their name and then drawing the mirror image of their name and repeating. 


This activity allowed students to work together as a team and get to know each other better in the process. 

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