Silhouette City Collage – Layered Paper Art

These handouts are part of the “Art of Giving” series (lesson #8). In this lesson, we made a silhouette city collage by layering paper. 

The first image is to give you a better idea of what the final project will look like (all the handouts together)! The first image is not needed for the project, but all five handouts below are recommended (free PDF downloads).


– “Silhouette City Collage Handouts” (5 free handouts in total–see below)

– 5-6 pieces of paper (colored/construction paper if possible)

– pencil/pen

– scissors

– glue

– scrap cardboard/foam board/folded paper (optional)


1. After printing out each handout on their own individual sheet of paper (5 in total), cut along the lines of each handout. 

2. Place the handout face-down (the printed ink from the handout should touch the colored/construction paper). Trace along the lines of the handout that you already cut on the colored/construction paper. NOTE: For “Silhouette City Collage: Part 5,” keep the outer piece of the paper, NOT the oval. 

3. On the colored/construction paper, cut along the newly traced lines.

4. Assemble your project! Add cardboard scrap pieces/folded paper between each colored/construction paper layer to give the project more dimension and depth. 

5. Start assembly with the background layer (at the bottom). Then, glue some cardboard in between layers. Glue your cutout (colored/construction) paper of “Silhouette City: Part 3” on top of the background layer. Using cardboard between each layer, repeat these steps with “Silhouette City: Part 2,” and then with “Silhouette City: Part 1″. Lastly, add the moon and “LOVE” letters to your piece! 

Please see the instructional video for the “Art of Giving” series (lesson #8) for more details. 

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