Cicada Handouts

Cicadas are bugs that can sing using tymbals, which are parts of their bodies like drums. When they vibrate the tymbals, they make a loud buzzing sound that can be heard in the Eastern United States all throughout the summer.

Some cicadas emerge every summer, while some hibernate under ground for years at a time. The longest a cicada can hibernate is seventeen years!

In 2020, a huge group of cicadas emerged for the summer. They were a type of cicada that hibernates for seventeen years, so the last time they emerged before 2020 was in 2003!

Cicadas do not sting or bite, so there’s no need to be scared of them if you see one! Simply let it be to sing its song.

Fun facts about cicadas:

1. Cicadas are transparent when held up to light, meaning you can almost see through them.

2. Each cicada has a different song.

3. A group of cicadas that hibernate together are called a brood.

4. Most of their lives are spent underground, because once they emerge, they only live for two to six weeks.

5. There are over 3,000 cicada species. Some are brown, green, or black and have red, white, or blue eyes.