Jerry Wilkerson’s “Banana’s”

Your destination (objectives):

  • Recreate Jerry Wilkerson’s Bananas painting by having the kids practice pointillism.

travel kit: (materials)

  • Q-tips, paint (white, light blue, brown, green, yellow), blue paper/surface with blue background, pencil.

on the path

step 1

  • Sketch out the large banana in the middle of the paper.

step 2

  • Start to paint the banana using your yellow . Next add in your white highlight to the top of the banana and your shading on the bottom of your banana. Come back with your yellow and add paint in any remaining empty space. Remember not to mix your colors and to use only dots as your method of applying the paint.

step 3

  • Move on to the sky-like background by starting at the bottom with white dots. Once you get to the middle add your light blue dots. Feel free to bring some of the blue dots into the bottom and top of your painting. Finally add your star like white dots to the top of your painting.

group tour (how larger class can be involved as group projects):

  • Create a mural

extend your journey:

  • Look into other artist such as George Seuart’s work.

learn new vocabulary:

  • Pointillism

discover … : (website links)