Cinco De Mayo Handouts

Cinco De Mayo (the fifth of May) is a Mexican holiday to commemorate the day the Mexican army won a victory over France at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

Cinco De Mayo is actually more popular in the United States than Mexico, as Mexican-Americans take the day to celebrate their culture.

Use the following handouts to celebrate Cinco De Mayo! Color and cut out the shapes to put together a Mariachi player or cactus like pictured below. You could also use empty toilet paper rolls and construction paper.

Use the Mariachi handout to create your own Mariachi player! Mariachi is a type of Mexican music dating back hundreds of years!


1. Color and cut the shapes.

2. Tape rectangle #1 in a circle. You could also use glue.

3. Cut rectangle #2 with slits along the bottom and tape around the bottom of the first circle.

4. Add an instrument, hat, mustache, or any other decorations you want!