Paper Plate Bird’s Nest Handout

Materials: Glue, washable brown paint, brown paper, paper plate, paint brushes or foam brushes, foam stickers of insects, leaves, flowers brown, blue, green, yellow, orange and pink construction paper, plastic Easter eggs, tape.

Step 1: Paint paper plates brown by placing a small amount of paint in the middle of paper plate and spreading it all the way to the edges. Set aside plate to dry.

Step 2: Separate one plastic egg; each half of the egg will become the body of a baby bird.

Step 3: Cut a small yellow square and fold diagonally to create a 3-D beak.

Step 4: Cut 2 oval-shaped wings from colored construction paper.

Step 5: Glue a beak and wings to each plastic bird. Set aside baby birds to dry.

Step 6: Cut strips of brown paper bags or newspaper. Next take the paper plate and put a small amount of glue in the center of the plate. Spread the glue to the edges of the plate.

Step 7: Add strips of brown paper or newspaper onto the plate the same way a bird weaves its nest. Add foam stickers of insects, leaves and flowers.

Step 8: Glue the birds to the plates or keep them separate so you can play with them. Wrap a leg of a table to create a tree with brown paper and tape