Birthday Cake, Ice cream cone and cupcake Handouts

Whether cooking or making art, as a chef or an artist, we start by choosing our ingredients (art materials) and tools (brushes or spoons).

Included here are basic Food Art Templates to start thinking about the colors and foods we like to eat with both our eyes and our mouths.

Free Birthday Cake Art project Template

Free Icecream Cone and Cupcake Art project Template

Students color cut and glue these templates and then are asked to add to their collage, the people and the presents!

We fold a rectangular piece of wrapping paper on top of a white piece of paper  and  glue a real bow and gift tag card to the outside.  Students staple on the crease and on the white paper inside draw the gift they would like to give or receive.

We have a discussion on all the reasons to celebrate. Once student have completed these projects, they can use scrap paper to make all kinds of dishes and collage entire meals together!

ASI is celebrating its 20th anniversary! Make art with a friend and make 20 animal friend finger puppets to help you eat all that ice cream and cake!

20 Finger Puppets Coloring Sheet