My experience at the Art Sphere Inc was very enjoyable and a pleasure. The Art Sphere was different than any other job I had before I enjoyed working at the Art Sphere because I was engaged with the task given to me. Working at the Art Sphere enlighten me with knowledge about art I haven’t  already learned in the past. What I like was how the Art Sphere work was mostly hands on work and independent. The reason I wanted to work for the Art Sphere was because I am interested in art not particularly the art that the Art Sphere teaches kids but art of music. While working at the Art sphere I was taught how to make lesson plans and simple easy ways to complete appealing art. While working at The Art Sphere I mostly vlogged and posted them on the Art Sphere blog. On The Art Sphere site is where you can find handouts and different activities children completed already at different sites. I would recommend the Art Sphere to anyone who has some type of passion for art. I really appreciate having the opportunity to work at the Art Sphere this summer.

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