3D Paper Flower Handout

Materials: 2 sheets of tissue paper, green pipe cleaner or yarn, scissors, paper, pencil, ribbon

Step 1: Place two sheets of tissue paper on top of one another. Fold sheets of tissue paper together like an accordion.

Step 2: Fold narrow strip in half to determine center and tie yarn or twist a pipe cleaner in the center to hold paper in place and act as a stem.

Step 3: Cut the edges of both ends of strip with the same curve for petal effect. Alternatively, make a rose by wrapping a strip of tissue paper and twisting a pipe cleaner around the end to hold in place.

Step 4: Repeat and tie with a ribbon to make a flower bouquet.

Step 5: Fold a small piece of paper to make a greeting card. Decorate and write a message on the card that expresses compassion and empathy.