Create Your Own Board Game Handout

Materials: 2 sheets of colored construction paper, white printer paper, colored pencils and markers.

Step 1: Tape 2 sheets of rectangular colored construction paper (or thin cardboard) together to resemble a folded game board. Decide on a theme for your game and decorate the board.

Step 2: On the edge of one sheet, write the word “start” and on the edge of the other sheet of paper, write the word “finish.” Connect the start and finish with square or other shaped boxes for spaces. For example, frogs would have lily pad-shaped spaces to jump through.

Step 3: On white paper, draw characters to represent the players and cut them out.  Create 4 or 5 cards as “chance” spaces, such as “Move back 3 spaces.”

Step 4: Create paper “dice” by writing numbers on little strips of paper. Then put the paper numbers face down in a pile. Draw from them to determine number of spaces to move on each turn.

Step 5: Relate the game to goals and obstacles we may encounter every day with discussion of life applications. (Example: the first frog to reach the finish line becomes the prince or princess.)

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