Kusudama Origami Flower Ball Gift Handout

This handout is part of the “Art of Giving” series (lesson #19). In this lesson, we will be using: origami paper (recommended size of 3″ x 3″), glue, and the Kusudama Origami Flower Instructions handout (free PDF download below!). 

These origami flower balls make great gifts that can be hung up with string or can become cute desk ornaments. Making these origami flower balls can be a fun activity to do with friends or family! Although these are origami flowers, the word “kusudama” is actually a combination of two Japanese words–“kusuri” means medicine, and “tama” means ball. Originally, the purpose of these Kusudama gifts was to ward off evil spirits.


Each paper square makes one (1) flower petal. To make one (1) flower, you will need five (5) petals. To make a Kusudama origami flower ball, you will need to make twelve (12) flowers. 

Once you have completed all twelve (12) flowers, take a flower and glue two flowers on either side of the flower. Repeat this process until you have a circle of five (5) flowers. Then glue another flower to the top of the circle. Turn the half-finished ball upside down, and repeat the process above. This should give you a full Kusudama flower ball!