Rolled Paper Wall Art Gift Handout

This handout is a part of the “Art of Giving” series (lesson #17). In this lesson, we will be using: magazine paper (or colorful paper), scissors, glue, Rolled Paper Wall Art Handout (free download below), pen (optional), and a piece of cardboard or card stock (optional).


Using the free handout below as a template, cut out each silhouette shape. Take pieces of magazine, newspaper, or any other colorful paper and roll each piece into a tube shape. Make sure to glue the end of the paper, so the tube doesn’t unroll. Then glue the paper rolls onto the silhouette, making sure to completely cover the silhouette shape. Turn the image around (to see the silhouette template) and trim away any excess magazine paper. This will give you a silhouette made of magazine rolls. Finally, glue your magazine silhouettes onto a piece of cardboard or card stock. 

Use the template below or sketch your own idea to create your own silhouette rolled wall art gift!