National Cook for Your Pets Day Handouts

Do you have a dog or cat at home? If you do, how often do you give them “people” food? While some foods can harm your pet, there are actually some that can be a healthy and fun treat! In honor of National Cook For Your Pets Day, use the handouts below to add a treat to your pet’s diet!

*NOTE: All foods should be given to your pets in moderation and without seasoning.*

For dogs: Carrots (lightly boiled), salmon (baked/grilled and deboned), peanut butter, green beans (prepared in any way and unseasoned), and eggs (scrambled or hard boiled and without seasoning).

For cats: Salmon (baked/grilled and deboned), blueberries, cantaloupe, eggs (scrambled or hard boiled and without seasoning), and chicken (baked/boiled and unseasoned).

Foods that your pets can’t have: Chocolate, coffee, onions, garlic, raw/undercooked/spoiled meat, grapes and raisins, salt, nuts, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners. If you are unsure about feeding your pet something, contact your vet to make sure!

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