Paper Crown Handout

Follow these directions to make your very own paper crown! Scroll down below to find the download to a free paper crown PDF handout!

Materials needed:

– Paper

– Scissors

– Tape (recommended) or a stapler

– Pens/colored pencils/markers (optional)

1. Get a piece of paper and place it in the portrait position. Then, fold the piece of paper vertically (hot-dog style). 

2. Turn the paper so the folded edge is not closest to you. Fold the paper in half vertically.

3. Fold the paper once again vertically.  

4. Cut a triangle out of the top (folded edge) of the paper.

5. Your crown should look like this.

6. Unfold your crown. You should have two pieces of paper.

7. Tape (or staple) the two pieces of paper together to make a crown. 

8. If using a stapler, face the staple ends (backside of staples) to the outside of the crown. 

9. Use colored pencils, pens, or markers to decorate your crown! Click here to learn more about precious gemstones or here to learn more about birth gemstones!

Feel free to download the free PDF crown template below! Cut out and decorate the pieces of the crown and tape them together.