White Cane Safety Day Handout

In 1964, October 15th became national White Cane Safety Day! On this Friday, October 15th, we celebrate the achievements of blind and visually impaired people. The white cane is a common and important symbol of blindness as it is a tool of independence.

What is the White Cane Law?

The white cane law gives the right of way to individuals using a white cane (often with a red tip) or a seeing eye dog.

Tips if you see someone with a white cane:

  1. If you’re in the car, stop away from the cross walk to give them room to walk.
  2. Don’t honk at a visually impaired person, because they won’t know why you’re honking.
  3. If you see someone with a white cane or guide dog struggling, it is okay to offer your help. Just ask permission before attempting to do anything.

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