Chang’e The Chinese Moon Goddess Handout

This free handout is part of the “East Asian Cultural Crafts” series. In this lesson, we will be learning a little about the Chinese Moon Goddess, Chang’e and the important Chinese festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Learn more about the Mid-Autumn Festival or the origin story of Chang’e and her jade rabbit in the videos below. The story of the Jade Rabbit should be watched with parental guidance.

Chang’e has been depicted in ancient Chinese art thousands of years ago. Chinese people have celebrated her by passing down stories of her through generations and having floats, parades, and artwork dedicated to her (see images below). Also, Netflix recently made a movie about Chang’e called, Over The Moon. Chang’e is still quite an important part of Chinese culture today. 

Use the free handout below to create some art of the Chinese Moon Goddess, Chang’e and her Jade Rabbit! Color and cut out each figure below. Decorate a paper plate or cut out a circle and decorate it to look like a moon. Then glue Chang’e and her rabbit on the moon!