3D Spaceship Handout

Create spaceship by recycling a cardboard paper towel or toilet roll.

Materials: paper towel or toilet roll, drinking straws, markers, crayons & colored pencils, tape, glue, stapler, yarn, hole puncher

Step 1: Draw a spaceship on a cardboard paper toilet roll and decorate the outside. (Alternatively, use a piece of paper and staple paper together length- wise to form a cylinder. Use tape to close the top end of the ship.)

Step 2: Trace and cut out a circle for the top of the ship (which you can also decorate). Creating a small top for the ship makes it easier to launch.

Step 3: Staple circle into a cone shape and then staple it to ship. Close the entire top hole with tape so it will be easier to launch.

Step 4: Punch 4 holes on the bottom of the rocket.

Step 5: Tie yarn to the bottom of the spaceship.

Step 6: Use a straw to blow into spaceship to make it fly!