Identity Silhouette

Your Destination: (objectives)

  • Based off of Kara Walker’s work with silhouettes, the students will create 5 silhouettes of aspects that they feel make up their identity. The silhouettes are going to be a basic outline of different symbols or drawings.

travel kit: (materials)r

  • Dark paper, light paper, scissors, pencil, glue.

on the path

Step 1

  • On a piece of paper or in your sketch book, take 10 mins and think about 5 different aspects that make up your identity. This can be gender, family, favorite actives, culture, religion.

Step 2

  • Taking your light paper, start to draw out the silhouettes of these images, these can be simple symbols or caricatures.

Step 3

  • Cut the images out of your light paper and glue them to the dark paper.

group tour (how larger class can be involved as group projects)

  • Discuss Kara Walker’s artwork on identity. How she includes it in her work and what aspects of identity she focuses on.

extend your journey

  • Create a silhouette of your face, make a poem about your identity to paste inside of it.

learn new vocabulary

  • Silhouette, identity.

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