Learning Colors Lesson Plan – Creating a Flower Chart

your destination: (objectives)

  • Create a chart with a color wheel in the shape of a flower that includes labeled primary and secondary colors and also ROYGBIV.

travel kit: (materials)

  • Something to color with, paper, pen/marker

on the path

step 1

  • First, draw the center of the flower with black, a neutral color.

step 2

  • Next, draw the primary colors (yellow, blue, red)  in the shape of the petals. Label them with a “P”.

step 3

  • Draw the secondary colors (orange, green, purple)  in the shape of petals. Label them with a “S”.

step 4

  • Last, create a stem with the colors of ROYGBIV. Label them with the appropriate color.

group tour (how larger class can be involved as group projects)

  • Look at artist that tend to use lot of primary colors in their work such as Piet Mondrian.

extend your journey

  • Start mixing colors by navigating through your chart.

learn new vocabulary

  • Primary colors, secondary colors, ROYGBIV.

discover … : (website links)


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