Quilling Handout

This handout is part of the “Art of Giving” series (lesson #10). In this lesson, we will be learning about quilling and making an appreciation card by using the quilling technique.

Quilling is an art form in which a person arranges strips of paper into intricate designs. Paper can be shaped in many different ways. It can be looped, twisted, rolled, and curled. 

Although the origin of quilling is not exactly known, many have thought that the art of quilling originated in Ancient Egypt and was created by nuns. From there, the art form spread to places such as France, Italy, and England. Quilling was practiced during the Renaissance by nuns and monks. They would use paper quilling to decorate religious items and book covers. In 18th century Europe, quilling became quite popular among gentlewomen (“ladies of leisure”). Quilling also spread to North and South America. There are some examples of quilling from Colonial times as well. 

Quilling was often used to decorate cabinets, purses, pictures, picture frames, work baskets, storage boxes, jewelry boxes, drawers, lockboxes, and more! It is often paired with other art forms such as painting or embroidery. 

Nowadays, quilling is becoming increasingly popular. It is used to make jewelry or decorate greeting cards, wedding invitations, Christmas cards, birth announcements, boxes, and scrapbooks. Quilling can be found in art galleries in the United States and Europe and has become an art technique practiced internationally.

Use the free handout below as a template to practice quilling! On the back of the handout, try writing a short message or letter to a loved one and give them this finished handout as a gift!

Here are some great resources if you want to give quilling a try! Easy Quilling Tutorial Without Tools; 35 Paper Quilling Shapes; Paper Quilling For Beginners; Quilling Typography Tutorial

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