Happy National Gingerbread house day!

Let’s celebrate this festive treat! You may think of gingerbread houses as a winter delight, but you can make them at any point in the year. The first recipe recorded for gingerbread was actually found in Greece, estimated to be around 2400 B.C. Gingerbread was also found in Chinese records in the 10th century. The elaborate houses we see today started in Germany in the 16th century. Here are some more fun facts about the history of these tasty treats!

  1. The world’s largest gingerbread house is estimated to be 40,000 square feet and contains 1,800 pounds of butter.
  2. Ginger was initially used as medicine in Ancient China and a preservative in medieval times. It was added to bread to make it last longer!
  3. There is a Swedish tradition involving gingerbread! If you hold a piece of gingerbread in your hand while making a wish, crush it, and if it ends up in three parts, your wish will come true!

Download this handout to color the gingerbread houses and learn how to write!