Create Little People Sculptures – Sculpting Art Lesson

Your destination: (objectives)

  • Using recycled materials, we are going to create little people sculptures. This will give students a chance to practice creating sculpture in a creative, fun way.

Travel kit: (materials)

  • Wire, cork, ribbon/fabric ,tape, plastic bag, wire cutter, scissors.

On the path

Step 1

  • First using your wire, create a person shape by twisting and bending.

Step 2

  • Next, stick the feet or the bottom of the figures in your cork so that they are able to stand freely.

Step 3

  • Finally, take the plastic bag and cut a piece off to make the tutu. You can also use the plastic bag or fabric to make a leotard.

Group tour (how larger class can be involved as group projects)

  • Have each person in the class create the wire structure as themselves. By the end you will have a class of wire sculptures.

Extend your journey

  • Introduce the class to the artist Alexander Calder and Elizabeth Berrien. Discuss how they uses wire in their work. What are the similarities, what are the differences?

Discover :