Roll-A-Story with Handout

Let’s learn about how to structure a story through a simple game!

Before we start, let’s go over what ingredients make up a story!  

  • Character: Character is the who of a story. A character can be a person, animal, being, or creature in a story. Characters perform actions and speak the dialogue of a story. They move a story’s plot forward. 
  • Setting: The setting is the where of a story. This is where the story takes place. It can include a specific time or place or it could be a certain condition, like a stormy night.   
  • Problem: The problem is the what of a story. The problem is something that goes wrong in the story. It could also be called the conflict. 

Materials: a six-sided die, a piece of paper, and a pencil

Step 1: Roll the die to choose the setting of the story.

Step 2: Fill out the handout based on what number you previously rolled.

Step 3: Roll the dice three times once for each column. Write down what you landed on for each column. 

Step 4: Create and write down a short story using the three ingredients you landed on. The character, setting, and problem.

Step 5: Draw a picture of your story and include each of the three ingredients.

For a more detailed explanation check out Arielle’s video tutorial!