Skyscape Handout

Follow the instructions to create your very own skyscape. A skyscape is a picture that includes an extensive view of the sky.

Step 1: Draw a sun or a moon using a pencil or pen.

Step 2: Create curvilinear clouds.

  • Curvilinear lines are lines that are curved and flowing. These are the types of lines that are most commonly found in nature.

Step 3: Using acrylic start by painting the first warm color (yellow) on the top side of the clouds.

Step 4: pick a darker warm color (red or orange) to paint the underside of the clouds.

Step 5:  Pick a cool color (like blue, green, or purple) to fill in the sky.

Step 6: Use darker and lighter colors to create highlights and shadows.


You can follow the instructions to paint the template on the handout or create your own!