Futurism – An Art Form of Tomorrow

Originating in Italy, Futurism emphasized speed, technology, youth, and objects like the car, the airplane, and the industrial city. Futurism is best known for creating feelings of being young and active while including the new technologies of their time.  

Using the handout, you will create a piece of art that shows your vision of the future! 

Learn new vocabulary:Emphasis, Industry, Technology



Step 1 Look online for different Futurist paintings and artists. (Several will be shown in the included video).  

Step 2 Analyze the paintings by asking yourself the follow questions: What is the main focus of the paintings? The harsh lines? The sharp edges? The noisy colors and contrast? What makes the piece interesting to look at?

Step 3 Using the handout, write down what you think the future will have, whether that be flying cars or flying dogs. After writing your answers, draw a picture where two or more of your inventions or ideas can be seen. 

Group Activity: Show off your artwork to your friends and family. What do they think the future will be like? 

Extend Your Journey:Futurist artists were obsessed with the inventions of their time. Do your own research into new and exciting technologies arriving shortly.