Paper Flower Bouquet Gift Handout

This handout is part of the “Art of Giving” series (lesson #13). In this lesson, we made a paper flower bouquet gift. 

For this project, you will need: 

– Colored paper/construction paper

– Scissors

– Glue

– Paper Flower Handout (free download below)

– Pen (optional)

Use this free handout as a guide to creating some paper flowers! 


1. Use the petal templates below and cut out four (4) of each petal. You will only need two sizes of petals to make a flower. For one flower you will need eight (8) petals in total, four (4) petals each of two different sizes. Each petal should have a small vertical cut in the middle of it (following the line on the flower handout). 

2. On the right side of the middle cut, add some glue. Then take the left side of the petal and place it over the glue to give the petal more dimension. 

3. Each flower only needs one circle. Once you cut out the circle, make small cuts around the circle, going toward the center of the circle. This will create a stringy paper texture. Leave the middle area of the circle uncut. Crumple this paper up and set it aside.

4. Add some glue to the right side of each petal (on the inside of the petal shape) and attach a petal of the same size. Do this until you run out of petals this size. Repeat this with the smaller petals you cut out earlier. This should give you two petal cup-shaped flowers.

5. Glue the smaller flower into the middle of the larger flower. Then glue the crumpled-up circle paper into the smaller flower. 

6. (Optional) Roll up a rectangular piece of paper to create a flower stem. On one end of the stem, make four (4) or five (5) small cuts into the stem opening. This will allow you to easily glue the stem to the bottom of the flower. Repeat this step with all of your flowers.

You can decorate and customize your bouquet as much as you want! Here are some other paper flower resources: how to make beautiful paper flowers; Kusudama flower tutorial; paper flower tutorial; paper roses tutorial