Painting with Utensils Lesson Plan

Your destination: (objectives)

  • This lesson allows the students to explore texture and movement in painting.

Travel kit: (materials)

  • Utensils, thick paper or canvas, paint brush, paint.

On the path

Step 1

  • Use your paint brush to first paint your subject. Make sure you use a good amount of paint.

Step 2

  • Using your utensils create a first layer of texture by scratching, moving, and painting with them.

Step 3

  • Choose new colors and repeat the last two steps until you are happy with the outcome of your painting.

Group tour (how larger class can be involved as group projects)

  • Look at artist that paint with nontraditional materials.  

Extend your journey

  • Create a landscape scene and mimic the texture that one would find out in nature using this technique.

Learn new vocabulary

  • Texture, Movement.