Black Lives Matter at School Creative Challenge

your destination: (objectives)

  • The students are to create a piece of artwork based off of the following prompt, “What do mirrors, windows, and sliding glass doors look like when we create a world where Black lives matter at school?

travel kit: (materials)

  • You can use any medium you would like.

on the path

step 1

  • Brainstorm a world that you would like to live in where not only you feel safe but your fellow black peers and friends feel safe and apart of too. What are your ideas on how this would work? What needs to change in or to make things better? (Windows)

step 2

  • Think of ways that you see yourself helping and contributing to this world that you are imagining (Mirrors)

step 3

  • What are the actions you and our society has to take in order to create this world? (Sliding glass doors)

group tour (how larger class can be involved as group projects)

  • Make a set of class rules that would improve the environment for Black students and help them feel more included.

extend your journey

  • Have the students go home and think of 5 personal ways they are going to contribute to a more equal and Just world.

learn new vocabulary

  • Inclusive, Racism, equality, Systematic Racism, Privilege, Justice.

discover … : (website links)

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