Learn How to Create an Origami Duck

Step-by-Step Origami Duck Folding Instructions

Learn How to Create an Origami Duck
Original ASI Design by John Guilfoyle

Directions to fold origami duck:

  1. Start with a square piece of paper
  2. Fold the square in half at a diagonal to make a triangle
  3. Unfold
  4. Positioning the paper like a diamond, fold two edges in the center fold line to make a kite shape
  5. Turn the paper over so the kite is one smooth shape
  6. Fold the kite in half matching the top and bottom two triangle points together
  7. Fold the smaller point (which will be the head and beak) in half again away from the other triangle point
  8. Use the valley point to make the crease between the head and beak
  9. Fold the wider triangle down halfway to meet the head
  10. Use the Mountain Fold to fold the duck in half so that both sides match and are symmetric
  11. Carefully pull the head upward away from the body
  12. Carefully pull the tail upward away from the body
  13. Carefully pull the beak upward away from the head
  14. Fold the bottom flaps inside so that the duck can fit upright on the table
  15. Fold back flaps to inside
  16. Decorate with marker