Andy Goldsworthy Inspired Temporary Art.

Your Destination: (objectives)

  • Focus on creating a pattern and repetition through natural materials found outside.

Travel kit: (materials)

  • Different colored or textured leaves, flowers, sticks, exct.

On the path

  • Collected four or more different natural materials. These should be different colors, shapes, sizes, textures. Two of these materials should be dark and two should be light.

Step 1

  • Make a large circle to start your Yin and Yang symbol.

Step 2

  • Take one of your dark colors and one of your light colors and create two little dots lined up vertically inside your large circle.  

Step 3

  • Next create a line diving the two circles by weaving around them like a snake.

Step 4

  • Fill the left side in with your other light material and the right side in with your other dark material.

Group tour (how larger class can be involved as group projects)

  • As a class take a look at Andy Goldsworthy’s artwork. Watch his art21!

Extend your journey

  • Take your class outside and collaborate on a gigantic leaf formation!

Learn new vocabulary

  • Pattern, repetition, temporary.