How to Gather References

References are an important component of any successful job or placement search. You can have an impressive resume, interesting cover letter, and exemplary portfolio, but for employers there’s nothing like having another person tell them how awesome you are. You should dedicate some time to choosing who you use as references. Your references can make or break your job hunt efforts.

How to gather References

Creating business relationships with professionals can benefit students when gathering references. When gathering references, it is good to have a reference from different professionals that can speak on your behalf. References should be gathered from a mentor, educator/faculty member, and coworker/manager.

First, asking a professional for a reference is important. Students should always start off with a pleasant introduction, stating what the reference is for. Also, mention to professionals why you chose them to speak on your behalf. Allow them a good amount of time frame to complete. Don’t forget to thank this professional for taking the time out to give you a reference.

Obtaining a reference from a mentor allows for viewers to read about your personal interests, community work, and the great accomplishments a mentor has witnessedReceiving a reference from educators or faculty members allows viewers to read about your educational intelligence. References from coworkers and managers show your work ethic and skills.  

Finally, most researchers say that you have to know a professional for a long time to get a reference. But anyone who knows that you have a positive character will deliver a good reference when you ask them. Professionals are always willing to be your reference.