Masks Made Simple with Free Template

Free Mask Template: See PDF download button below

Project Title: Masks Made Simple with Free Template

Description: Students create and decorate a paper mask 

Author: Francesca

Grade level or Target Age Range: Preschool to middle school (Towey Recreation Center)

Vocabulary: Symmetry

Materials: Paper, scissors, yarn, crayons, hole puncher

Anticipatory Set: Discussion on masks

Demo/Directions: (Roughly plan amount of time it takes to do each procedure)

1. Draw a mask onto thick paper.

2. Punch holes in either side of the mask.

3. Tie yarn into the holes in the mask.

4. Decorate the mask.


  1. What is symmetry?
  2. How do masks work?
  3. Why do people wear masks?

Instructional Reflection: Decorating the mask allowed students to create a persona. It helped them understand how others view them. Decorating the mask allowed for students to practice creative freedom.