Words from our Drexel volunteers

Recently we’ve had some amazing volunteers coming from Drexel University. We had some questions for them after they partnered with us, and they gave some awesome answers to represent the college engagement and interest in the Philadelphia community!

How did you get involved with ASI?

  • Through civic 101
  • Chose it because ….I’m studying film
  • I’m an artist
  • I like crafty art, it’s relaxing
  • I wanted to to things with my hands
  • I needed a break from academics

Are you a naturally creative/artistic person? Has volunteering increased or enhanced your abilities?

  • Yes I liked meeting other creatives
  • I learned I’m pretty good at making things with my hands
  • Great to do something artistic that doesn’t require adobe photoshop
  • No I’m not artistic but this was a fun way to do something out of my major
  • I’m not really  that creative this was an easy introduction to art that artistic and non artistic types can both enjoy

What is your favorite part about volunteering with ASI?

  • Literally rubbing shoulders with other students
  • Sharing materials made you get to know people 
  • Meeting new people making new friends 
  • Having an opportunity to find things beyond our majors that we have in common 
  • Feeling like a team 
  • Working on projects as a group 
  • Seeing all we accomplished working together 
  • Being able to race here on a empty stomach with no sleep and Go to coffee shop and restaurant downstairs to get refueled 

What has this experience taught you?

  • How to make origami
  •  How to use a glue gun (never used on before) 
  • How to prep projects 
  • How to create a lesson plan handout template What makes a good art project for kids 
  • Names of class mates
  •  Professional Resources at the Bok for repairing my guitar 
  • How to take an inventory of art materials donations
  • How to organize prepped materials for distribution to each of the sites 
  • The arts community at the Bok 

What would you like to do more of?

  • To play more music earlier -great way to get to know one another
  • “We played what memory does this song remind you of” great having speakers
  • Design our own lesson plan handouts
  • Embroidery patches and other asi volunteers craft projects we didn’t get to
  • The ride on the freight elevator dark tower video game fun moving chairs and tables
  • Great helping to set up for Fulbright and know people from around the world will be sharing our work

We really appreciated Drexel students enthusiasm and great team work . It was great to observe your confidence grow and independence the second and third days once you learned the ropes and where materials were stored in the office  ! Thank you!