Anime Drawings and Seashell Art

We had a more relaxed activity with our older class today. Our students love Anime, and they have a lot of fun when we incorporate it into the projects. We printed out several of the more popular characters and gave each table a picture. Their activity was to draw their either draw own anime character or trace the ones on the page and create a story. Most of them traced or drew a character from looking at a printout, but we had a couple who drew their own anime person. It was awesome watching them create their very own person straight from their imagination, and all these drawings turned out great. Our class also had a lot of fun talking about the anime shows and characters and explaining them to each other. 

With our elementary class, we did a lesson on seashells. We had a a bag of real shells that we passed out, along with clam shell cutouts that opened and closed. We started out with a discussion of what animals lived in shells and what created the sound of the ocean in some shells. I went around and held a shell to the student’s ear so they could hear it. They thought this was the most amazing thing ever! Afterwards, their instructions were to decorate their shell based on the real ones and then draw what lived in shells on the inside. These ranged from lobsters to crabs to Ariel the mermaid. They had a lot of fun overall with this project, and they were most excited about being able to look at the real shells.