Social Change Mural

George Floyd Mural
Photo by Priscilla Gyamfi, via Unsplash

There are various ways in which people can spur social change, and one way is through art. Art has been a power force in driving social changes and can come in the form of songs, dances, and art work such as murals. Murals are paintings or art that’s been executed on wallsMurals can help make neighborhoods beautiful and attract public attention. While murals are an effective way to educate others on the history and culture of a community, murals can also depict social issues and ignite conversation to spur social change.  

Why is social change important, and how do murals help to spread the change? 

Social injustices span across the globe and they are a continuous battle that society will have to overcome. Murals depicting social injustices or community empowerment spark conversations and awareness which are both essential to tackling social injustice at its root. In addition, it is accessible to anyone regardless of their class status, education, or racial background. Murals are also free to view which bypassed the price barriers that people often have to pay to visit a gallery or a museum.  

Who uses social change murals? How to create one?  

Anyone can create murals that drive social changes. An example of a famous mural artist is Banksy, an English street artist who is known for his political activism through his murals. To create a social change mural, or any mural, it’s important to first find a wall that one would like to and is able to execute their work. Check if there are any permits that need to be acquired. The next step is to generate a rough sketch of what one would like on the mural. Proportion is key as whatever is drawn will have to be directly proportional to fit the gigantic canvas. Working on such a big canvas can call for various people to tag team the artwork and some handy tools like a ladder and a measuring tape. Considering that the murals are outside, artists would have to make sure that the medium dries properly as rain and other unexpected weather conditions can ruin weeks worth of work.  

When are social change murals helpful? 

Because of its large size, murals entice people from all over the community to stop in their tracks and to reflect on the art. Murals have been used in the past as a tool for economic development. In countries where economic development is much needed, art is much needed as it helps to increase inspiration and creativity, as well as strengthening the participation of economic activities by drawing more and more businesses and people to engage with the community. Many cities are seeing the benefits of murals, so they are starting to hire more and more artists to beautify the city.  

How do others use a social change mural?  Links to other samples.