Social Change Artwork

To understand what social change artwork is, you must understand what ‘social change’ is. Social change is the altering of social norms or structures commonly used in the world. Social change can be seen through history in major movements from Women’s Suffrage to the Civil Rights Movement. 

Social change can be brought about in many ways, one of them being art! Any creative expression that discusses or challenges the norms is considered ‘social change art.’  Examples of these include plays or skits, murals, or songs. 

Why is social change art important?  

Art that promotes social change is so important because of how relatable it makes the issue.  The art is often created to show realistic and honest portrayals.  It opens others’ minds to new perspectives they may have not considered before. 

Who uses social change art 

Artists such as Toshi Reagon and Favianna Rodriguez use art to promote issues they feel strongly about.  Reagon uses music to bring attention to the issues she faces as a woman of color. Rodriguez paints pieces of art to share the importance of unity and healing. 

How often do people use art to promote social change 

Art is often used to express one’s emotions and thoughts on topics. A short film by Akosua OwusuBus Nut, is a perfect example of this.  In 2015, this film discussed the Mongomery bus boycott of 1955 and explored themes of racism, colonizing, and heritage. 

How can you make art that encouraged social change 

There are so many ways to create art, especially art that encourages change.  You can write a script and perform a play with friends, write a poem, or draw a picture.  What matters is sharing the inspiration behind it! 

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