Pine Cone Turkeys

Project Title: Pine Cone Turkeys

Description: Making pine cone turkeys for thanksgiving
Author: Krisitin
Grade level or Target Age Range: preschool
Vocabulary: Turkey, pine cone, holiday, sharing
Materials: pine cone, feathers, orange construction paper cut into little squares, orange construction paper cut into feet, black construction paper, googley eyes, glue
Anticipatory Set: Talk about the history of Thanksgiving and how sharing is important

1. Glue feathers to the back of the pine cone ( 10 minutes)
2. Glue googley eyes to the front of the pine cone ( 5 minutes)
3. Fold orange squares in half to make the beak, and glue it below the googley eyes (5 minutes)
4. Glue feet to the bottom of the black construction paper ( 5 minutes)
5. Glue pine cones on top of the feet ( 5 minutes)
6. Have students write their names in white colored pencil on black construction paper. ( 5 minutes)