Navigate Together Board Game

Project Title: Navigate Together Board Game

Description: Students pair up and make board games together. Teaching students to work together to navigate through their life the same way they navigate the game.
Author: Claire
Grade level or Target Age Range: Elementary
Vocabulary: navigate, quest, questions, theme, obstacle, goals
Materials: colored construction paper, white printer paper, colored pencils, markers,
Anticipatory Set: Discuss “The Man in the Maze”. Relate it to goals and obstacles a student may encounter every day.
Tzu Chi Fall Program - 6
1. have students label a start and finish on the construction paper. Then have students connect their start and finish with square boxes for spaces. (5 minutes)
2. Then have them create the theme of their game and decorate their board. (10 – 15 minutes)
3. Next, have students create characters on white printer paper, and cut them out. ( 10 -15 minutes)
4. Then have them create 4 or 5 cards as chance spaces ( 5 minutes)
5. have students create paper “dice” by writing numbers on little strips of paper. They can then put the paper number down in a pile and draw from them. (5 minutes)
6. Next is for students to play their games! ( 10 – 20 minutes)

Discussion: Life applications; how the lesson might apply to non-art related experiences or other types of knowledge.
1 How can we navigate everyday situations?
2 How can we achieve our goals?

Instruction Reflections

1. This lesson works really well if you want to incorporate other academics. The chances spaces can be math problems, history questions, or science questions. If they answer the question right they can advance.If not then they have to wait until the next turn to try to answer another question right.

navigating board game