Dr. Seuss Bday Celebration

Greta is a working artist and is currently attending school for art education. This is her first semester working with Art Sphere. Her goal is to inspire her students to learn about the world through art, and express themselves freely.

Wednesday at Cohocksink Recreation center, Greta’s class celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday by recreating one of his characters. This lesson taught the students about one of the most famous authors and how he teaches people lessons that he feels are important through his drawings. Greta’s class ranges from kindergarten-5th grade.

Dr Seuss Pic
Dr Seuss Kids Pic

Materials included: paper, colored markers, and crayons. 

To start off the lesson Greta demonstrated the shapes step by step in order to create the body of the character. After every step she would walk around and see the students progress. Once the body was created the students were able to decorate as they liked.