Jewelry with 3D Pens

Before I talk about this week’s lesson at Penn Treaty, I just wanted to mention that Jess, who specializes in Art Therapy, has worked alongside Kristen & me as we picked up where we left off from the last class with the students designing jewelry with a 3D pen from their sketches. I was very intrigued with how this process works because it was the first time I have ever seen the use a 3D pen in action. I really like how much flexibility and freedom you have when drawing with this pen.

I was blown away with how quickly the students adapt to the concept and the end result of their creations. Some of them designed their names, keys, flowers, lightning bolts, vegetables, free form characters, etc. I really like how Jess took the time to talk to each student one on one during the lesson because I noticed that it helped them be more engaged. On a side note, Kristen and I also started to build a giant maze out of cardboard for the class robot. What’s really cool about this robot is that each student can control its movements with their cell phone via an app.