Art Sphere’s Collaboration with University of the Sciences

We have been so grateful to have had graduate students from University of the Sciences, who are majoring in occupational therapy, assist in our 10-week session at the Fishtown Recreation Center. Every week we’ve had new grad students participating in our class.

They’ve been able to provide extra one-on-one interactions with students. Which has been especially helpful since we have such a large group of preschoolers at Fishtown Recreation. Some children need personal attention to achieve a classroom activity and that’s where these graduate students have been very helpful. While leading the class I’ve been so happy to have these students help in engaging every student.

All of the grad students who visited us did a great job adapting to our class. They jumped right in with helping individual preschoolers. The children connected with them quickly and were happy to have more adults to interact with. We really appreciated their help and wish them all the best during their graduate studies and careers in occupational therapy!