Nontraditional Materials

After showing the students at Penn Treaty an art magazine that featured a variety of artist using nontraditional material to create their work last week, we decided to have them paint their own designs on a wooden frame mirror and wood cork spheres. The purpose of this project is to show the students that anything around them could be used to create art. The reason why I loved this week’s project is because I use nontraditional materials to build sculptures and also on my woodblocks. One artist who work I would have the students look at is Tom Friedman because he uses everyday materials to make sculptures. I was so amazed the first time I discovered his work especially the way he use these materials to tell a story. The thing that made me think about Friedman is when I saw the wood cork spheres because I remembered seeing a giant sphere he made using pencils in a book when I was in graduate school. I also watched an Art 21 documentary on his life and work.  Another artist I would suggest them to look up is Nick Cave because he also uses nontraditional materials to create these bodysuits for people to wear and do live performance. Cave is one of the artists who inspired me to start creating my sculptures in a unique way with these different materials. Overall, the student really enjoyed working with something different rather than just paper.

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