Final Class!

Students at Cione Recreation Center wasted no time to start using their brand new art materials given to them from Art Sphere Inc. Their gift bags included: markers, colored pencils, crayons, glue, brushes and watercolor paints. One student noted how excited they were to be able to decide how they wanted to use and clean their watercolor set.

Being able to have their own art materials will help these students feel personally invested in the arts and confident in their ability to create art. This gift was also an affirmation that they are all artists who are deserving of markers and paints! Giving each student their own art set provided the opportunity for them to make art at home as well.

For a personal touch, I wrote each student’s name on a flashcard with a note thanking them for being awesome artists! I had such a great time working with this group of dedicated students. I hope these fantastic students have time to make art at home during their winter break.

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